Battle of Britain Memorial


Legasee Educational Trust received funding from RDHCT to help ensure that the stories of remaining veterans of the Battle of Britain, with their close association with East Kent, are recorded and preserved for future generations to wonder at and learn from. Veterans like Michael Wainwright AFC who was stationed at the forward operating airfields of Manston and Hawkinge with 64 Squadron: “I was going one way and these Messerschmitt 110’s were coming the other so I said to my wingmen ‘break’ and it’s every man for himself and take defensive action. We had 12 aircraft and 7 of them got shot down or damaged and I lost my CO. I was lucky I had enough fuel to get me to RAF Station Hawkinge that day.” At the outbreak of war No.64 Squadron was equipped with the Bristol Blenheim 1F fighter, which it used to fly patrols off the East Coast.  Spitfires arrived in April 1940, and two months later the squadron took them into combat over Dunkirk before their involvement in the Battle of Britain. Legasee Educational Trust is working hard to record, on film, as many veterans stories as possible. Said Martin Bisiker, Legasee Trustee and Founder: “We hear a lot about the individual campaigns and battles of WWII that but rarely do we find out about the individuals who were involved in the thick of the action. We are trying to change that. We want to give these men and women the opportunity to tell their stories in their own words and be remembered. All their interviews will be available to view and will serve as an important online social history resource for education and learning”. “This project is looking to capture the stories of remaining veterans of the Battle of Britain and their strong connection to the squadrons based in and battles over East Kent.” For further information see