Applying for a grant

The Roger De Haan Charitable Trust primarily supports charitable causes and projects in east Kent, and in particular the District around Folkestone, Hythe and Romney Marsh. By focusing on a defined geographical area, and on projects that fit within well-defined criteria, the Trust aims to make a substantial impact on the community where it is based.

Please click on the button on the right (“Apply Online”) to begin your application, or write for an application form to The Roger De Haan Charitable Trust, Strand House, Pilgrims Way, Monks Horton, Ashford, Kent TN25 6DR. The online application needs to be completed in one submission and cannot be saved, so you may wish to download the form if you need to return to add further information at a later stage.

If you would like to apply for a grant in 2019 please note the following deadlines for submission: 22 February; 31 May; 26 August; 28 October. These dates allow time for applications to be assessed and for any supportive information to be requested where necessary.

Applications that are unlikely to receive Trustees’ support include:

those where a grant would directly replace or subsidise statutory funding;
those intended to develop business ventures, publications, websites or arrange conferences;
any grant that would primarily benefit an individual or individuals;
requests from students for the purpose of personal study or travel;
funding for expeditions or overseas travel;

The Trustees have already identified those areas of medical research which are of interest to the Trust, as described on this website, and will not normally consider unsolicited applications from this sector.

The Trust will not consider applications for projects that promote political or religious beliefs or causes, from animal welfare charities, or from national charities, unless there is a significant benefit to a local (Kent) office or project.

Repeat applications from a single organisation within a twelve month period will not normally be considered. Grants are awarded at Trustees’ discretion and we are unable to provide¬†feedback on applications.

For capital projects applicants are asked to submit evidence that at least three competitive quotes have been obtained for the work that is proposed.

Full terms and conditions of grants will be sent to applicants with an offer letter if the application is successful.

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