East Kent Rape Line

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A project launched to help young people understand and raise awareness about sexual abuse was awarded £5, 320 from the Roger De Haan Charitable Trust.
The donation made to The Openness Project is a scheme run by The East Kent Rape Line, a charity that supports victims of rape and childhood sexual abuse.
Project co-ordinator, Kate Seymour explained: “We come from the perspective that although sexual abuse may never happen to you, statistics show that we all know somebody who is a survivor. Therefore should someone disclose to you, you need to understand and retain all the information that will be useful as support.”

The project provides workshops for Shepway schools and aims to educate, support and inform more than 1000 local children about sexual abuse. “Openness raises awareness of sexual violence and coercion and looks at the prevalence of rape and childhood sexual abuse,” Ms Seymour said. “It helps dispel commonly held beliefs and offers an understanding of legal, personal rights, responsibilities, safer socialising and where to go should things go wrong”

She added: “The schools we have visited have stated that the workshops have been invaluable with these difficult issues and the donation from The Roger De Haan Charitable Trust has been an invaluable help, both to us and to the students we work with.”