F51 – Folkestone’s Indoor Urban Sports Park

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£14,000,000 estimated cost

Folkestone’s urban sports park (known as F51), situated at the junction of Dover Road and Tontine Street in the centre of town, has been financed by The Roger De Haan Charitable Trust and designed by Guy Hollaway Architects. The indoor multi storey centre offers several floors of skateboarding, scootering, a climbing wall, a bouldering course and facilities for boxing.

The skate floors are made of timber and concrete surfaces, combining the need for durability and for flexibility to modify and upgrade as skating trends evolve. The concrete bowls are unique features for a UK indoor park, whereas the timber courses offer possibilities to update or enhance the space for specific events. The climbing wall offers climbable surfaces of nearly 600 square metres, including “top rope”, “lead climbing” and “bouldering”. The boxing gym, housing Folkestone Amateur Boxing Club, features a competition size boxing ring.
F51 will be managed by Shepway Sports Trust (SST), the Folkestone-based independent charity established to encourage participation and excellence in sport. SST will use the new facility as a base from which to support local clubs, strengthening their connections with primary and secondary schools and encouraging people of all ages to adopt a more active lifestyle.

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