Find A Voice

Health and Welfare
2006 onwards
£60,000 total support

Find a Voice is an Ashford-based charity that supports children and adults with speech and communication difficulties. It provides on-line information to everyone in the UK and personal support to individuals, their carers and professionals who live in Kent and Medway. In 2014 the charity expanded its activity to include intervention in care homes, where older people often face difficulties in communicating their needs to care staff.
Well over a million people in the UK have some kind of speech or communication difficulty, about half of them arising from conditions and disabilities such as cerebral palsy, Down’s Syndrome, global dyspraxia or autistic spectrum disorders. Difficulties can also arise at any stage of life following head injuries, laryngectomy, strokes, the onset of Multiple Sclerosis or Motor Neurone Disease or conditions associated with ageing.
In 2006 the Roger De Haan Charitable Trust provided funding of £20,000 to help purchase communication aids, computer training and a resource library of books, videos and toys. The Trust has made a further donations since then totalling over £50,000 to help towards running costs of the charity, and in 2014 awarded further support of £10,000 to help with services in care homes for people with dementia.
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