Rising Sun Domestic Violence Abuse Service

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A project designed to help young people recognise and avoid potentially abusive relationships was awarded £1000 by the Trust, with delivery via a number of Shepway schools.

Launched by the Rising Sun Domestic Violence Abuse Service, the project, entitled ‘Love Shouldn’t Hurt’, aims to empower young people to make responsible choices and recognise warning signs of a violent relationship. “We work closely with students in a bid to break down barriers about the subject of abuse within relationships,” Gillian Orman from Rising Sun explained. “Through discussion, workshops and drama within the schools, ‘Love Shouldn’t Hurt’ will warn of the signs to look out for, and help young people stop a situation before it occurs.”

Abuse within the relationships of young people, particularly those aged between 16-20 has risen sharply in recent years and Gillian is confident that the ‘Love Shouldn’t Hurt’ programme is of great benefit. “The money given towards the project is a wonderful boost” she said. “With frightening statistics emerging such as 39% of a polled group of teenagers feeling that girls can encourage violence in some situations and 20% saying it’s okay to hit a woman if she has been unfaithful, the ‘Love Shouldn’t Hurt’ message is vital in changing young people’s perceptions.”