Schools and Education

2004 onwards

Improving prospects for young people is a key priority for the Trust, which has provided support for key projects and learning opportunities that without charitable funding may not otherwise have been possible.

Significant donations have been made towards capital costs and endowment funds at a number of schools and Academies in Kent, most notably the Folkestone Academy. The Roger De Haan Charitable Trust does not act as a sponsor, but its financial support has helped to attract significant government funding, including enabling the design and construction of brand new buildings to replace accommodation at predecessor schools that was often unfit for purpose. In September 2013, Folkestone Primary Academy moved into a new purpose designed building, offering an outstanding school environment, where over 4oo children can be taught in typical class sizes of twenty, as well as around 60 kindergarten places.

Investing in school infrastructure in this way has helped to create outstanding learning environments, where not only do children enjoy better amenities, but also feel safer and more valued, and where staff can work more easily with their students to improve academic performance.