Community Development Worker receives RDHCT funding for 10th year running

Published on June 1st, 2020


Health and Well Being | Support for the Community

The East Folkestone Community Development Worker (further details here), Jon Clarke, is an important service provided by the Folkestone Baptist Church. The support provided by Jon includes keeping the community together, preventing loneliness and isolation and trying to improve mental health and wellbeing, giving a helping hand to those who have difficulties. A large element is also helping people with unemployment, debt and poverty, providing access to food vouchers and helping people with job applications.

This work could not be undertaken without financial support and it has received funding from the Roger De Haan Charitable Trust since 2009. The latest round of funding of £97,200 covers the costs of employing Jon for the next three years.

Julian Chapman, who chairs the Folkestone Baptist Church Community Development Committee which supervises Jon’s work, said: “We couldn’t offer this support to the community without funding. We have quite a number volunteers which is great, but to really serve the community day in day out we really need somebody to do the work full timeand also manage the volunteers. Having someone dedicated to this role means they are always present and available. People know where to find him and can build a relationship with him.”

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