Grants Awarded For Domestic Abuse Counselling

Published on January 13th, 2016


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Kent Community Domestic Abuse Programme (Kent CDAP) has received grants that will enable the organisation to continue to provide support for people affected by domestic abuse, including a donation of £8,000 from the Roger De Haan Charitable Trust, together with support from Shepway District Council. The programme helps male perpetrators of domestic abuse to understand the range of behaviours that constitute abuse and to develop their thinking and skills so as to make significant changes. 

Penny Hennessey, Chair of Kent CDAP Trustees said: We are very grateful for this support. Many women around the UK are affected by violent and abusive behaviour from partners and ex-partners. The work of Kent CDAP is vital to help combat this, enabling perpetrators to change so that the lives of their partners and children are made safer and happier.

The six month programme consists of weekly two-and-a-half hour sessions, during which participants learn to take responsibility for their abuse, and how they can identify the actions, intentions and beliefs that underpin their behaviour. They are then introduced to strategies and skills which enable them to make significant changes in the way they conduct intimate relationships, including anger management techniques and listening and communication skills that will help them to work through their feelings in a more positive way.

Kent CDAP also employs a Womens Safety Officer who has regular contact with the partners of the men on the group to provide information and access to relevant safety advice and support.

For further information about the work of Kent CDAP or for confidential advice about the services it offers, please contact

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