Hythe Venetian Fete is Highlight of 2015

Published on August 6th, 2015


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Hythe Venetian Fete will return to the town’s Royal Military Canal on Wednesday 19 August, with its elegant floating tableaux, pageantry, live music and lots of family entertainment. Thousands of people are expected to watch and enjoy the occasion, which also includes a superb firework display, courtesy of the Roger De Haan Charitable Trust.

The event, first staged in 1890, and held in its present form on a regular basis since 1954, is managed by the Hythe Venetian Fete Society, a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers.

Hythe Venetian Fete has grown steadily in popularity, and this year’s event promises to live up to its reputation. On the day itself, gates are open from 4pm, with events to entertain spectators from about 5pm. The first of the processions begins at 6.45, and is completed in daylight, with the floats moving slowly along a half-mile stretch of the canal. The second procession starts at 8.50, when floats will be illuminated and trees along the route are also lit.

Chairman of Hythe Venetian Fete Society John Schoner said: “The Venetian Fete costs £130,000 to put on. While most of the money comes from ticket sales, the event relies heavily on the support of its main sponsors – the Roger De Haan Charitable Trust, Smiths Medical (Portex), Hythe Town Council, Waitrose, Hythe Imperial Hotel, Universal Fireworks, Gopek, Lawrence & Co, Dungeness ‘B’ and Holiday Extras. Without their help and that of the sponsors of prizes and the five pre-fete band concerts – plus the hours of time given by the people who design and make the floats and by the hundreds of volunteers whose work makes Fete Day go with a swing – the Venetian Fete would not be possible”.

More information is available at Hythe Venetian Fete, or tickets can be booked in person at Blue Shield Insurance, Blue Shield House, Blue Shield House, Prospect Road, Hythe CT21 5N3. Telephone 01303 267010.

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