Lads’ Club in Saltwood continues fundraising to improve meeting space

Published on June 11th, 2020


Education | Support for the Community

Fundraising towards The Saltwood Lads’ Club Development Project is continuing via Just Giving whilst community activities are on pause as a result of COVID19-related social distancing requirements. The Roger De Haan Charitable Trust has pledged £10,000 towards the required £150,000 target.

The development project aims to create a larger central space with better natural light and ventilation along with improved storage facilities has been approved for The Lads’ Club, Saltwood. A ramp will provide disabled access to the front of the building and there will be a new kitchen to replace the existing one. A wet room and kitchenette will be installed for the use of members.

Sue Beggs, Chair of the Saltwood Lads’ Club, commented: “We are extremely grateful to the Roger De Haan Charitable Trust, as well as to the many local people in the community who have donated money to our cause. At the moment, we are about £30,000 short of our target and we look forward to being able to fundraise within the community again as the lockdown measures begin to ease. We had built up some really good momentum before COVID hit, but for now people can donate via JustGiving.”

You can donate to the Saltwood Lads’ Club Development Project via Just Giving:

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