Published on February 7th, 2019


Support for the Community

Funding has been secured for a new three year project that will support the community in East Folkestone. It will fund a full-time community worker, Jon Clarke, who has been working in the area for many years and is well-known amongst the community. The Roger De Haan Charitable Trust has been supporting Jon in a similar role for some twelve years and is providing core support for this new three-year programme.
The project offers wide-ranging support to the community. On a practical level, it provides help and advice to people in debt or struggling to cope with the benefits system, including the new universal credit procedures. It also provides skills training, job-seeking and any kind of digital help.
In addition, the project organises activities to promote health and wellbeing. These include a variety of indoor sports and games, including table tennis, football, pool, curling and board games, as well as health walks and walking football sessions.
A new part of the project seeks to help people facing mental health issues. A ‘Wellbeing Hub’ has been established in the Tontine Street area and is open on Thursday and Sunday evenings, providing a space for people to meet in a welcoming atmosphere and receive emotional and practical support.
Activities for children and young people are also provided, including a boys club on Wednesday evenings and a youth club on Friday evenings, while a Girls Brigade meeting takes place on Thursday evenings. For adults there are also very popular Community Lunches every Thursday.
The programme also coordinates local Neighbourhood Watch schemes and seeks to identify ways to improve the local environment by inviting suggestions from residents.
The programme is based at Folkestone Baptist Church in Hill Road. Support and advice sessions are free of charge and the activities are also either free or have just a nominal charge.

Further information about the project is available from Jon Clarke by phone on 07587 150887 or email Jon welcomes all enquiries.

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