Sailing Voyage “Experience of a Lifetime”

Published on July 12th, 2017


Education | Support for the Community

Over the weekend of 8-9 July, the trading ship Queen Galadriel and ketch Faramir, training¬† ships of the fleet of Cirdan Sailing Trust, visited Folkestone as part of the “Sailing Voyage” 2017, the third in a series of educational programmes organised between Shepway District Council and Boulogne. Twenty six students from Marsh Academy, Brockhill Park and Folkestone Academy joined with counterparts from France in the final stage of a project that aimed to develop team spirit, improve individuals’ self confidence and help overcome language barriers. During the four day voyage from Folkestone to Boulogne, participants have learned sailing and navigation skills, led by experts from the Cirdan Sailing Trust. The programme was funded jointly by the local authorities in Shepway and Boulogne, with further assistance from sponsors and supporters, including a donation of ¬£6600 from the Roger De Haan Charitable Trust.

Weather conditions on departure were probably rather too benign for sail power, but the crowds in Folkestone and flotilla of small boats helped to create a special atmosphere for the young people taking part to help make it an experience they will remember. The video at link below, courtesy of Arnaud Sannier, captures some of the excitement.

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