Charity continues to support young people using virtual methods

Published on January 18th, 2021


Support for the Community | Young People

FYP Youth Charity has adapted the way it works over the last year so that it can continue to support the young and vulnerable members of the Folkestone community.

COVID-19 has meant the charity had to limit number who could attend its Loft Hangout Project and since September the charity has run more like a support group. From September a maximum of 15 people were invited to sessions at the Hangout, which reduced to 10 in November. The national lockdown which commenced in December2020 meant that sessions had to become completely virtual.

Dave Berry, FYP Youth Charity Managing Director, said: “We started delivering one to one mentoring through video calls after Christmas. Some of the young people who come to us have mental health problems, learning difficulties, or both, so we couldn’t stop providing the support to them. For obvious reasons over the last year, we haven’t been able to do many of the things we have done previously, such as visit the Houses of Parliament, which is always of real benefit. However, we are continuing to support those who need us through virtual means and by engaging with other charities who can help the people we work with too. Wherever we can we are also trying to get people into employment, but that has been more challenging recently.”

The charity received a donation of £5000 from RDHCT in September 2020 to support its continued efforts. More about FYP Youth Charity is on our project page and also on the charity’s website.

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