FYP Youth Charity hopes for return to face to face sessions in September

Published on August 17th, 2020


Support for the Community | Young People

Young people in Folkestone have continued to receive mental health and life skills support from FYP Youth Charity (see website here) via online “meet ups” during the coronavirus lockdown. The charity, which has received several grants from RDHCT (see https://rdhct.org.uk/projects/fyp-youth-charity/), is hoping it can reconvene its various groups in person from September.

Dave Berry, Managing Director of For Young People, commented: “Subject to rules regarding social distancing, we hope our groups can begin to meet properly again in September. However, through this tough time we have still been able to engage with the young adults through weekly Zoom catch ups, quizzes and online games and learning. This has really helped the young people keep their head above water and we will continue to do this until lockdown is over.”

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