New Renovation Project To Begin in Folkestone’s Creative Quarter

Published on April 15th, 2016


Arts and Culture

Renovation, refurbishment and remodeling of key buildings in Folkestone’s Creative Quarter will begin within the next few weeks. CBG Construction Ltd have been appointed by the Roger De Haan Charitable Trust to undertake the project at 3 – 7 Tontine Street and 77 – 79 The Old High Street, formerly an amusement arcade and more recently used as an exhibition and event space.

The ground floor will be refurbished and improved to be used as a retail space. The upper floors will be converted into residential accommodation, with the addition of a striking new glazed third floor which will enhance the look of the building. The overall impression will be to create an exciting new gateway into the Creative Quarter.


Work will commence on site in early June with some enabling works taking place in the interim. Planning consent was granted in 2015. The project is expected to be complete by summer 2017.

The Roger De Haan Charitable Trust owns the buildings and is funding the current work. Project Director Gabrielle Wilson said: “The existing building is in a poor state of repair and has been badly neglected and reconfigured in the past, making it difficult to maintain and causing damage to some of the most valuable architectural features. The challenge has been to find a cost-effective way to preserve and restore important elements of the site’s heritage whilst creating attractive spaces that are suitable for modern use.”

The architect for the project is Gordon Abbott, of Pringle Richards Sharratt, who said: “It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to help breathe new life into these buildings, which will offer great spaces in which people can work and live.”

Once renovated, the buildings will be transferred to the control of the Creative Foundation, the independent charity that is dedicated to the regeneration of Folkestone’s old town through developing arts and the creative industries and encouraging engagement with cultural activity. The Creative Foundation already manages over ninety buildings, which enjoy very high occupancy levels, prompting this new phase of development to meet demand.

CBG Construction Ltd are a main contractor that specialises in undertaking town centre residential and retail projects throughout the South East. CBG are a community conscious company that endeavours to work with the local population to ensure works are planned and coordinated with empathy and understanding of local people and businesses.

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