Arts projects continue at pace in New Romney

Published on September 16th, 2020


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Despite COVID-19 pressures, IMOS Foundation projects have continued at pace. The charity is also hoping to welcome an artist from Portugal during their two-week period of quarantine to stay at the Artist in Residence accommodation.

Projects that have been progressing well include stained glass windows for each of the main worldwide religions, as well as sculptures of peacemakers from the major religions; the final pieces of the Tapestry of Romney Marsh; figures of each of the four patron saints of the British Isles; and restoration of one of the murals on the wall of the Sainsbury’s supermarket in New Romney.

At the same time, as part of the Erasmus Programme, an intern from Estonia has been employed to organise Estonian hardwood sculptures of Beethoven, Marie Curie and Luther for the Hope All Saints Sculpture Park.

Briony Kapoor, Creative Director and Founder of the IMOS Foundation, commented: “Many of our projects have been encouraged in one way or another by the Roger De Haan Charitable Trust. It has been the backbone of our organisation with its charitable donations and I cannot praise it enough. The Trust is a very important donor for us, and we are very grateful we’ve been able to continue the development of our projects with their support.”

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